Recovering America’s Exceptionalism

By Dr. Ben Carson – In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French historian, came to America to study our nation. Europeans and others were fascinated with the success of the fledgling nation, then barely 50 years old and already competing on the world stage.

Such a thing had never before occurred, and Tocqueville was determined to discover the secret. He was duly impressed by our governmental structure, including the separation of powers, but he was in awe of the public educational system, which rendered its recipients completely literate by the completion of second grade. This depth of education was generally only found among the aristocracy in Europe.

Let’s put aside the diversionary arguments about lack of educational access for all, which was a huge mistake, and concentrate on the tremendous advantage afforded our predecessors by education. Early settlers not only mastered reading, writing and arithmetic, but also shared practical skills, all of which enabled them to traverse and tame a rugged and frequently hostile terrain from sea to shining sea.

As isolated communities sprang up throughout the nation, they were able to thrive through innovation, industry and compassion. The “can-do” attitude involved hard labor, but it also included a sense of responsibility for those who through injury or other hardships could no longer care for themselves. The spirit of caring, although diminished, remains an important part of who we are today.

Tocqueville was impressed by the fiery sermons that emphasized the word of God and not the social mores of the day. He concluded his American analysis by saying, “America is great because she is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” America was different because we openly acknowledged the role of God in our lives.

Some will say, “Carson is a religious fanatic because he believes in God and the Bible.” Interestingly, the very same people are quick to invoke the name of God and recommend prayer at times of national and personal tragedy. Hypocrisy is their frequent companion.

Some will say America can never make claims of “goodness” owing to her history of slavery. Although it was by far the worst atrocity in our history, we paid a horrendous price in lives lost or destroyed in a Civil War that all but incapacitated a young nation. The guilt, shame and humility that resulted from this dark American episode will teach us and stigmatize us well into the future. Learning from mistakes is a sign of wisdom and goodness.

What is disturbing in the pursuit of goodness is the turning of a blind eye toward corruption, much like the Romans did before the fall of their empire. Episodes such as the Internal Revenue Service scandal should alarm all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. The fact that one party has characterized it as a “phony scandal” tells you a great deal about the loss of honesty in our society.

The fact that one party is willing to use its majority status to cram a health care bill down the throats of the minority party and the American people and then refuses to acknowledge the obvious illegitimacy of a bill passed largely on the basis of false information provides a barometer on the lack of importance placed on virtue in our society today. How can such a society in any way claim to be good?

How can a society that kills millions of innocent unborn babies and then labels anyone opposing the practice “anti-woman” claim even a modicum of goodness? How can a nation that uses its news media to subtly trash traditional families, promote a drug-filled lifestyle and ridicule faith in God claim the mantle of righteousness?

I could go on pointing out how far we have strayed from our Judeo-Christian roots. For some, such a departure cannot come soon or dramatically enough. However, I believe the majority of Americans understand that we are different from everyone else, and that difference had a great deal to do with our rapid rise to the pinnacle of world power and wealth.

As we depart from our former values of decency, honesty, compassion and fairness, our status as a blessed nation will also be diminished.

Our decline is not necessary if we can learn from the mistakes of others and reclaim the values upon which our nation was built. I am not advocating for a national religion, but I do think we should seriously consider the words of John Adams, who said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

America can be great, but it requires real courage and conviction to resist the urge to be “cool.” None of this means we should impose Judeo-Christian values on those who wish to adopt a different kind of lifestyle, but it does mean we should not allow an alternative lifestyle to be imposed upon us.

Fairness is a two-way street, and so is tolerance. If the majority refuses to fight for its rights, while a vocal minority uses a compliant media to try to fundamentally change America, we will have only ourselves to blame.


My apologies to Dr. Carson for shamelessly stealing his article and posting it here. It is simply too good and too important not to do my part to spread the word. We all have a lot to learn when it comes to truly understanding what is meant by American Exceptionalism. Barack Obama does not seem it get it.

In my opinion Dr. Carson should run for President. If he did, he could count on my vote!

The Last Black President

Barack Obama has set two noteworthy milestones: he is both the first and the last black president for some time to come!

The truth is that we were not ready for a black president. We will NEVER EVER be ready for a black president if his or her election is based purely on race as it was with Obama. He is an empty suit (or chair as illustrated brilliantly by Clint Eastwood), always has been, has gotten as far as he has based purely on the color of his skin, not on the content of his character. Dr. Martin Luther King is doing back flips in his grave in shame, disgust and embarrasment.

What would the reaction have been if Mitt Romney had been elected based on the fact that he is white? Guaranteed, there would have been riots in the streets, whites would have been killed by black mobs and Spike Lee would have tweated the addresses of all Romney family members so that they, too, would face this kind of street justice.

And now look, yet another shining example of incompetence from our nation’s last black president: he looks like a little, snot-nosed, teenaged punk with Putin running circles around him! We need a real man in the White House, not some sniffling, liberal pansy. Not just the United States, but the world needs a strong leader who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. But Obama has created a power vacuum and Putin is stepping right in, unopposed. Yet another major Obama accomplishment, another reason for Michelle to be proud to be an American. Hey Barry, why don’t you just drop your pants, wave the white flag and surrender?! Get it over with and bow to Vladimir, your new master! Congratulations, Barry.

Let Them Eat Cake

The first news stories that jumped off the page this morning when I turned on my computer were “Market Tracks Eerily With 1929″ and “Michelle O’s Dress Cost Around $12,000″. What’s wrong with this picture?

Let us, for just a moment, put aside the multiple abuses perpetrated by this White House against the people of the United States and our sacred Constitution. Let us simply forget the fact, for now, that Obama never was and still is not qualified to be our president. Let us take a look at the man and his family.

I am going to focus on Barry and Michelle, so let’s leave the poor kids out of this since they are already genetically predisposed to delusions of grandeur and treason.

Aside from dismal policies, Barry is utterly devoid of character and honor. Like an entitled, spoiled, rich frat boy he prances around flaunting his access to our tax money in the form of pretentiously lavish, celebrity-studded parties, extended exotic vacations and astronomically expensive dresses for queen bee Michelle. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the Kardashians I’m reading about or yet another nouveau riche rapper. Just wait, when he’s finally out of office, Barry will be sporting the bling, too. Mark my words, diamond earrings are in his future!

The irony is that it’s Barry’s loyal supporters who are typically those who detest this kind of frat-boy behavior, and still would if a republican behaved in such a classless manner. But nobody seems to mind or be bothered by Barry and Michelle’s extravagance amid economic and social termoil. They will gladly eat cake while continuing to adore and admire the incompetent buffoon in the White House while he destroys our country and enriches himself. And make sure to count the towels and the ash trays before they check out at the end of their term!

Barry and Michelle, while destined to go down in history as the worst president and fist lady in American history, have brought shame, dishonor, ignorance and incompetence to the office of President. Ironically, while Michelle has never been more proud to be an American with her husband shredding the Constitution and destroying millions of lives with his Obamacare fiasco, I have never been more ashamed to be an American.

I keep hoping America will wake up, but perhaps we no longer deserve our freedom if we allow it to be taken from us to easily. I blame Congress in large part because they seem to lack the chutzpah to stand up to this clown, making them just another comical act in this circus. Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama, his policies and his allies are the greatest enemy America faces today. I’m just thankful that Barry has not yet outlawed elections with the stroke of his almighty, royal pen.

The Impotent Congress

Our impotent Congress is unwilling to stop El Presidente, Emperor Obama, King Barry III, call him what you want. But one thing is certain: he is operating outside the law, outside of the US Constitution which he swore to defend. Not only has the man failed to defend the Constitution, he has done everything in his power to circumvent it.

There is a veritable laundry list of offenses committed by this serial offender too long to capture your attention no matter the level of interest. However, Obama weilds his pen more like the sword of an all-powerful monarch from centuries past rather than the leader of a republic governed by laws which were designed to be kept in check by the separation of powers.

And nobody seems to care. The impotent Congress sits on its hands like a clueless, pimple-faced teenager who just got the green light from the home coming queen to remove the bra encapsulating her full, round breasts, yet remains motionless, fozen, unable to move…I digress…

My point is that, amazingly, Congress does NOTHING! I wrote to some of our “representatives” in Congress. I received the follwing reply from Congressman Mo Brooks from the 5th district of Alabama who pretty much confirmed my previous analogy: she’s really hot and there’s every reason she should be helped out of that pesky bra, but I’m just going to sit here like a schmuck…and do NOTHING!

Thank you for contacting me about impeaching President Obama.

According to Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” While I disagree with many of the president’s policies, there has been no legislation proposed to impeach President Obama since he was elected in 2008.

I understand and share your concerns about President Obama’s many unconstitutional actions. The president abused executive authority, such as by threatening to use executive orders to impose gun-control measures which violate Second Amendment rights. He also has proposed and signed many laws that are, in my judgment, plainly unconstitutional, e.g., Obamacare. He has illegally offered work permits to illegal aliens (an order recently overturned by a Texas federal district court).

Notwithstanding my differences with President Obama, I know of nothing he has done that meets the historical definition of a “high crime or misdemeanor”. Hence, as much as I wish President Obama would vacate the White House, it looks like it will not happen until after the November 2016 elections. Such are the consequences of poor decisions made by a majority of America’s voters. Should compelling evidence exist proving that President Obama has committed a high crime or misdemeanor, I will be one of the first to push for his impeachment, as I would do for any President.

Feel free to contact me again in the future. You may wish to visit my website at for additional information about issues and legislation before Congress.

Mo Brooks
Member of Congress

Oh, come on Congressman, really? It’s just one little, teeny, tiney, clasp…just open it and it will ALL unravel before your eyes. You just have to get off your hands!

Conservative Politicians are Morally Superior

Conservatives owe a great debt of gratitude to the liberal media, because they make sure, day after day, that conservative politicians are morally superior to liberals since they are always held to a higher standard. It’s true, thank you!

Liberal politicians have the main stream media on their side, that is no secret. So whenever liberals step out of line, the media steps in to defend them to the death. Not only is a defense mounted, but stories are launched to distract us from the malfeasance of the perpetrators. Such stories often lash out at the opposition, mostly indignant accusations aimed at those pointing out the wrong doings of the liberals in question. In other words, liberals get a free pass on anything they do.

Conservatives have no such luxuries, a chronic double standard gets them into hot water with the media for things liberals get away with time after time. When conservative politicians step out of line, all attention is focused on them and them only, and resignations are not only demanded, but the conservatives in question often do resign as a matter of honor and moral obligation. Liberals don’t do this because they believe everything they do is not only justified, but they believe they never do anything wrong. They don’t resign no matter what. They always find a way to circumvent such indignities.

It stands to reason that those conservatives left in office, for the most part, are those whom even the liberal media cannot criticize to the point of resignation. We can assume, in stark contrast, that many liberals are still in office who should have been driven out a long time ago.

Let’s just take one teeny, tiny, little example: Barack Obama. The only thing required for him to be impeached, forced to step aside and land in prison would be if he was a conservative instead of a socialist. But no, the liberal media does not care about the truth.

The editors at Investor’s Business Daily picked up on the issue, too. Following is what they call “just a small sampling” of a “Lengthy Legacy of Lawlessness.”

Aug. 14, 2013: The Obama administration delayed the provision in ObamaCare to cap out-of-pocket health care costs, picking and choosing parts of the law to enforce, which is to exceed its authority.

July 17, 2013: The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals joined the federal appeals courts in D.C. and Philadelphia in ruling President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board recess appointments — who by law must be approved by Congress — were unconstitutional. Thus far, the president has ignored the ruling.

July 1, 2013: The Obama administration unilaterally decided to delay the employer mandate provision of ObamaCare for a year, which is to provide information to the feds about the extent of an applicant’s insurance. Never mind that the law states the mandate must go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014 — they are now relying on the “honor system” from applicants to determine if they are qualified for subsidies.

June 25, 2013: The Supreme Court ruled in Shelby County v. Eric Holder that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is “unconstitutional” and that “the formula can no longer be used as a basis for subjecting jurisdiction to preclearance.” Instead of complying with the ruling, Holder filed suit to order Texas to submit to preclearance, in defiance of Congress’ authority to legislate and the Supreme Court’s authority to rule on the constitutionality of the law.

June 15, 2012: The Obama administration announced it will stop deporting illegal immigrants under the age of 30 in a “deferred action” policy to circumvent immigration laws. This comes after Congress rejected a similar measure about a year ago. Since then, more than 500,000 illegals have received the deferment and only 20,000 have been rejected. As for the law-abiding applicants who have been waiting in line, well, that’s Obama’s idea of “lawfulness.”

May 20, 2013: A Washington Post article revealed that Fox News reporter James Rosen was investigated by the DOJ, which subpoenaed his phone records and emails in direct contravention of the First Amendment under the pretense of a leak investigation.

May 13, 2013: AP reported the DOJ secretly collected phone records of AP reporters and editors, a move completely outside the realm of law. Even the AP — which up until then had been pretty submissive to the Obama agenda — was appalled by the breach.

May 10, 2013: The IRS revealed it targeted conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status beginning in March 2010, a direct targeting of political opponents through the tax laws. It’s one of the crimes that led Congress to impeach President Nixon.

May 3, 2011: When asked when he first heard of Operation Fast and Furious, Attorney General Eric Holder falsely testified, “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” Head of the National Drug Intelligence Center Michael Walther told Holder about Fast and Furious in a July 2010 memo. Subsequent revelations showed he knew all along.

March 27, 2012: EPA issued final rules regulating greenhouse gas emissions on electric utilities that require power plants to use nonexisting carbon capture-and-control technology to meet new emission standards, in defiance of the Congress’ rejection of cap-and-trade legislation.

April 23, 2012: The administration postponed Medicare Advantage cuts by calling them a “demonstration project” and used funds not approved by Congress to delay effects of those cuts before the election.

March 1, 2011: Attorney General Holder lied to Congress, saying “decisions made in the New Black Panther Party case were made by career attorneys in the department.” Associate A.G. Thomas Perrelli, an Obama political appointee, overruled a unanimous recommendation for prosecution by DOJ attorneys.

Feb. 3, 2010: Judge Martin Feldman held the Obama administration in contempt for re-imposing an offshore drilling moratorium that was struck down by the courts.

Barack Obama is a well spoken thug in a nice suit…no more, no less. Perhaps he’s a good father, perhaps it would be fun to sit around with him, drink a beer and watch sports, but that’s where it ends abruptly. I am talking about Obama the politician, the former member of the “New Party” (established by the Democratic Socialists of America), the serial liar and deceiver, the admitted Muslim (Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said, “Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda.”), the man who has no respect for this country, its people and, above all, the United States Constitution.

But the list goes on and on and on. Liberal media, please take note and apply the SAME standards you would if Obama were conservative:

‘Obama’s Impeachable Offenses’ by Michael Connelly, J.D.

I have repeatedly been asked by a number of different people if I think that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has committed any offenses that subject him to being impeached by the Congress of the United States. The answer is without a doubt, yes because he has repeatedly breached his oath of office. The oath of office of the President of the United States is simple and concise. It reads:

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Instead of living up to that oath, President Obama has actively attempted to subvert, ignore, and completely destroy large parts of the Constitution. I believe the President of the United States is well aware of what he is doing, and it is completely intentional. Based from my years as a constitutional attorney, listed below are what I believe are impeachable offenses, and the list continues to grow.

1. President Obama has appointed numerous people to cabinet level positions without the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate, as is required by the Constitution. These individuals are given extraordinary power and independent funding, and are not under the scrutiny of Congress. The fact that Obama calls them Czars does not make them legal. He has also made illegal recess appointments of other members of his cabinet that required Senate approval. He simply declared that the U.S. Senate was in recess despite the fact that no such declaration had been made by the Senate. The President has no Constitutional authority to do this.

2. The push by Pres. Obama to pass healthcare legislation in the Congress of the United States that he was fully aware was unconstitutional. He has continued to use his powers and executive branch of government to implement this legislation despite the fact that a federal judge had declared the entire law unconstitutional, and ordered that it not be implemented. In addition, Obama has directed members of his administration to violate the right to freedom of religion protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

Religious institutions such as churches and schools have been ordered to provide contraceptives and abortion inducing morning after pills to employees as part of the health care bill requirements. The fact that this is a direct violation of their religious teaching is of no concern to Obama.

3. Despite the fact that the United States Senate refused to pass the Cap and Trade bill, the President has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to use regulations to implement key portions of the bill, including those regulating so-called greenhouse gases. Obama himself has acknowledged that this will force energy prices in this country to skyrocket. He is taking these actions in direct defiance of the will of the people of the United States, the will of Congress, and the Constitution. The actions of the EPA include regulations that will force many coal burning power plants to close.

4. Through the Department of the Interior (DOI) Obama has placed a moratorium on offshore oil drilling or exploration off both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico. He has also prohibited new drilling exploration on federal land in any states in the United States. These actions by the DOI have continued in direct defiance of several court orders issued by Federal Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans, Louisiana declaring that the department had no authority to issue such a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. In fact, the Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI) has been held in contempt by the same judge. The administration has claimed to be complying, but has tied up the drilling permits in so much red tape that the effect is the same.

5. Instead of allowing American companies to drill for oil domestically, Obama has betrayed the American people and authorized loans of billions of dollars to countries like Brazil and Mexico so that they can drill for oil, and then sell that oil to the United States. This will dramatically increase our dependence on foreign nations including Venezuela, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and even Libya that do not serve the interest of America or the American people.

Obama has also refused to approve the keystone pipeline from Canada to the United States that would not only lessen our dependence on oil from countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, but create thousands of new jobs in the United States. The decision on the pipeline is one that belongs in the hands of the members of Congress, not the President.

6. President Obama has abdicated his responsibility to enforce the laws of the United States against illegal immigration. He has virtually declared our southern border an open border by declaring certain areas of federal land in states like Arizona as off-limits to federal, state, and local authorities. This is despite the fact that these areas are being used to bring in thousands of illegal immigrants, massive amounts of drugs, and also being used by foreign terrorists to infiltrate the United States. He has also ordered the border patrol not to arrest most illegal immigrants entering the country, and has stopped deportation proceedings against thousands of people in this country illegally. He is in effect instituting the so-called “dream act” bypassing the Congress of the United States which has sole authority over immigration matters.

7. The President and his Attorney General Eric Holder have clearly violated their oath of office by joining with foreign countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, and Columbia, in lawsuits against the sovereign states of Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama to stop them from enforcing the federal immigration laws.

8. President Obama has ordered the Federal Communications Commission to adopt regulations giving the federal government control of the Internet and its contents, including providing Obama with a kill switch that gives him authority to shut down the Internet if he sees fit. This is in direct violation of a decision by the United States Supreme Court that the FCC has no Constitutional authority to control the Internet.

There were two bills pending in Congress to effectively give Obama the kill switch he wants over the Internet. When these two proposals, the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) were withdrawn amid public outcry Obama announced he will sign an international treaty that purports to give him the same authority. He has signaled his intention to do this as an “Executive Act” and not bring the treaty to the Senate for ratification as required by Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution. I believe he intends to take the same action in regard to the United Nations Small arms treaty and the UN Law of the Sea treaty that are both unlikely to get Senate approval.

9. One of the paramount responsibilities of the President of the United States and his executive branch of government is to enforce and defend laws adopted by Congress unless they are declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court. Obama has decided that he should ignore this Constitutional mandate, and that as President he is more powerful than either the Congress of the United States or the Supreme Court. He has unilaterally declared that the Defense of Marriage Act passed by the Congress is unconstitutional, and further declared that he will not have the Justice Department defend it against lawsuits.

His administration has also refused to enforce laws against voter intimidation and federal law that requires states to purge their voter registration lists of deceased individuals and those that are registered illegally. In addition, the Justice Department is refusing to allow states to enforce laws requiring proof of identity by voters at the polls. Obama has essentially said that he is the supreme ruler of the United States, and that the Congress and the Federal Judiciary are irrelevant.

10. It has been widely reported that acting through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms the Obama administration was involved for months in getting legitimate and law-abiding gun store owners along our southern border to supply weapons to straw buyers who the government knew would deliver them to the drug cartels in Mexico. This was billed as a sting operation against the cartels when in fact it was designed to produce fraudulent data showing that large numbers of weapons were going from the United States to the Mexican drug dealers.

This data was then to be used, and is being used, to try to justify new gun control regulations to limit the rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms. It has nothing to do with arresting members of the drug operations. The administration has, in effect, armed our enemies, and one border patrol agent has already been killed by one of these weapons. Now, Obama continues to impose gun control laws by Executive order so he will not have to deal with Congress. The administration is also refusing to cooperate with the committees in the House of Representatives that are investigating the entire operation. It is even defying Congressional subpoenas.

11. The President of the United States is not authorized by the Constitution to take our nation to war without the consent of the Congress of the United States. The only exception to this is the authority granted to the President by Congress under the War Powers Act. This law allows the President to take immediate action without the consent of Congress if there is an imminent threat to the security of the United States, or its citizens. Although there was clearly no such imminent threat caused by the Civil War in Libya, the President committed members of the United States military to combat missions in a foreign country without the consent of Congress. He based his authority on a United Nations resolution, and a resolution by the Arab League.

Now, the President has carried it one step further. During testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on March 7, 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told Senators that the President has authority to take our country to war without the Congressional approval required by Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution. The administration is taking the position that it can ignore Congress as long as it has United Nations approval or NATO approval.

However, these actions may be the least of the worries facing the American people. The White House insisted that language be included in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that gives the President sole authority to order the military to arrest and indefinite detain American citizens on U.S. soil if the President suspects them of terrorist ties. This was amazingly passed overwhelmingly by Congress. It appears to be another situation where few members read the bill before voting on it.

This was almost immediately followed by another unconstitutional executive order titled the National Defense Resources Preparation order. It is similar to orders signed by past Presidents, but this one includes language that appears to give Obama the authority to declare martial law in peacetime, and take over the allocation of everything from food and fuel to transportation and health care. This violates the Constitution in a number of different ways.

12. Last but not the least of my dirty dozen of impeachable offenses, is the fact that since taking office the President has used executive orders, laws pushed through Congress in the dark of night, and administrative actions by his departments to nationalize and control automobile manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, and portions of the healthcare industry. This is designed to take our country from a free enterprise economy to a socialist economy. There is absolutely no authority in the Constitution of the United States that allows the President to do this.

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution provides as follows:

“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

I contend that among those high crimes and misdemeanors is the intentional violation of the oath of office administered to the President and all other federal officials. In fact, federal law at 5 U.S.C. 7311 specifically provides that violation of the oath of office includes advocating the overthrowing of our constitutional form of government. This is specifically declared a criminal offense in 18 U.S.C. 1918 and is punishable by both a fine and imprisonment.

In the 12 areas I mentioned in the paragraphs above I firmly believe that Obama, Eric Holder, and numerous other members of his administration have gone beyond just advocating the overthrow of our constitutional form of government. They are actually engaged in making it happen, and as a result should be impeached and convicted. There are also the emerging issues of corruption such as the Solyndra scandal caused by Obama using stimulus money to pay off campaign contributors.

Will there be an impeachment and conviction in the current Congress? Probably not, since it takes a two thirds vote in the House of Representatives to impeach, and a two thirds vote in the Senate to convict. With Harry Reid and the progressives still in control of the Senate, and many of them guilty of some of the same impeachable offenses, they will resist it.

Unfortunately, the liberal media does not pay attention to such scathing abuses by a sitting President when he’s a liberal/socialist. And this is precisely why conservatives will always be morally superior since they are always held to higher standards.

The Knockout Game

An amusement, a pastime, that’s what a game is. However, not only are games supposed to be fun, but they are meant to be harmless as well.

The “knockout game”, on the other hand, is not a game at all. Sure, it may be an amusing pastime for the deranged, idiotic participants, but this “game” should be called what it really is: a crime, a violent crime.

There is nothing amusing about unsuspecting pedestrians being punched so hard that they are knocked to the ground, unconscious or even dead. These are unprovoked attacks which are totally unnecessary and deserving of the most severe punishment…a word on that later.

The question most reasonable people ask themselves when they hear about these barbaric assaults is: Why? This is not about casual amusements, this is not a pastime or a hobby. The knockout game is much more deep rooted than simply having something to do on a Saturday afternoon. These animals lack a conscience, lack an education, lack parental guidance, lack anything that is good and decent as a human being.

These cowards deserve a very special form of punishment, something we should be allowed to be creative with. The victim of an assault, should they survive, should be allowed to determine the punishment within a hair of death. Why not, each victim is in danger of dying, why shouldn’t they be? Not only that, these criminals should meet their punishment, naked, in a public square for all to see, just like the good old days!

Contribute some punishment ideas in the comment section below.

I’ll start:

- drenched in honey and exposed to bees or a goat, criminal’s choice

- flogging/caining by victim or victim’s friend/family member

- tied to a stake then passers by are permitted to pelt them with rotten eggs, tomatoes or a decaying substance of their choice

- water boarding followed by being honeyed and feathered (tar may be a bit excessive)

- knockout game punishment: anyone gets to take a swing until he’s knocked out! If he dies…too bad, he had it coming!

Any and all punishments will be video taped and posted on a YouTube channel dedicated to criminals punished in public.

Come to think of it, any number of crimes should be dealt with in this manner. I guarantee our crime rate will decline significantly!

Religious Freedom: BCE the new BC

My 6th grader and I were talking about her ancient Egypt history assignment, specifically the Middle Kingdom which lasted until 1650 BCE. BCE? Oh no, the PC police are at it again. Apparently this is supposed to be a term used in an effort to show sensitivity towards non-Christians. It seems “before common era” and “common era” is meant to illustrate this all important religious tolerance…in a very intolerant fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a holly roller. I don’t believe in God. Jesus is not my savior (although I believe he was a real person to taught very important lessons about our own humanity, but that’s a subject for another article).

However, our nation was founded on Christian principles by Christians. It is these principles which included in our constitution the freedom of religion. Our country is probably the most tolerant country in the world when it comes to religious freedom and the acceptance of other religions. So why is someone trying to tell us to say BCE/CE when we have been saying BC/AD for generations? Why are we supposed to give up our traditions and beliefs simply because some non-Christian might be offended?

You know what? I’m offended that I’m expected to give up my traditions, beliefs and opinions because I may offend someone who doesn’t care in the least about offending me and my beliefs.

The truth of the matter is that none of this is about tolerance. It’s all about being anti-Christian. Where is the outrage and the complaints of intolerance when Christian beliefs and traditions are violated? Muslims are routinely defended in the name of religious freedom while they go around bombing innocent people, stoning women and lobbing Christian heads off left and right. But don’t you dare have a nativity scene in the town square, display the 10 commandments in front of a court house, or wish someone a Merry Christmas…it may be insensitive to non-Christians.

You know what, screw non-Christians. If you’re intolerant of our traditions, why should be we tolerant of yours?

The silver lining in this one is worthy of a smile: the substitute abbreviations BCE/CE have been around for at least 300 years. However, CE didn’t mean “common era”, it meant “Christian era”. I guess it’s time for a new one…again. How about this: BDJ and ADJ, before damn Jesus and after damn Jesus. Would that be acceptable to non-Christians?

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all this year, 2013 AD!

Confessions of a Right Wing Hatemonger

by David Outten

Yes, I hate.
I hate having to use passwords.
I hate having to have deadbolt locks on my doors.
I hate having to fear for my grandchildren’s safety.
I hate having to take my shoes off to get on a flight.
I hate to hear of American troops dying in Afghanistan.
I hate being billed insane prices by hospitals.

When I was a boy in a public school we used to recite the Lord’s prayer. In part we said, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.”

What a thought. We were asking God to make life on earth more like life in heaven.

I suspect there are no passwords in heaven, no deadbolts. There’s no fear at all. No wars, no terrorists, no hospitals (no need for any).

Why is it that we who would love to see more of heaven on earth are considered hatemongers?

It’s because we hate sin. We hate the behavior that forces us to have passwords and deadbolts. We hate the behavior that causes war and poverty. We hate to see 600,000 Americans die of diseases caused by sexual promiscuity. We hate to see families destroyed by pornography, gambling, drugs, alcohol and divorce.

Why is it that in an age when “science” has replaced religion as the focus of education that we ignore the scientific truth that sin is devastating? Scientific proof exists that pornography is not victimless. Scientific proof exists that sex outside of marriage increases poverty and disease. Scientific proof exists that gay sex is a health nightmare. More Americans have died from the consequences having promiscuous gay sex than died in combat in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War (both sides), World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War COMBINED. Is it hateful to tell the scientific truth? Is it hateful to wish 30,000 more young men would not get HIV next year by engaging in promiscuous gay sex?

Here’s the problem. There are people who love sin. They don’t want God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. They want to steal your identity and empty your bank account. They want to break into your house and steal whatever they want. They want to have sex with your children and grandchildren. They want to hijack jets and fly them into buildings. They want to have sex with who they please, when they please. They want to drink all they want, when they want. If you tell them the scientific facts about how harmful their behavior is you are a “hatemonger.” In fact, they’d like to see you arrested for committing a hate crime.

It used to be that having a child out of wedlock was shameful. It used to be that a divorce was an embarrassment to a family. Fear of shame used to be a motivation to save sex for marriage and be faithful in marriage. The advocates of sin hated this. They wanted a sexual revolution. They wanted shame removed from promiscuity and placed instead on anyone willing to call sin wrong behavior.

God loves sinners. He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for their forgiveness. God loves identity thieves, pedophiles, terrorists and murderers. He hates sin. He hates the very thing that’s making life on earth more like hell and less like heaven. He would gladly, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

But, God leads. He does not drag. You don’t have to follow. You can have all the hell on earth you want or you can follow God and be delivered from evil.

As one who desires to follow — one who wants more of heaven on earth (especially in the United States) — I know this will make me unpopular with those who do not wish to follow God. Jesus had followers and He had enemies. He still does. Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies. On the cross He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

I’ll be honest. I used to like pornography. I used to dislike being considered a sinner. I was not following God. I know what that’s like. It was miserable. I felt like a slave to lust. It was compulsive. I’m not some holier-than-thou judge. I’m a sinner who turned from sin and asked God, “lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.” He did. He still has to every day. I’m still free to sin. On any given day, in any instance, I can follow God or succumb to temptation.

My great desire is to see others rescued. I want my children to live in a nation where there are fewer identity thieves, fewer house robbers, drug addicts, sex slave traffickers, pedophiles and, yes, mothers having children out of wedlock. I’d like to see less poverty and I’m honest enough to admit that sin is a leading cause. I’d be thrilled if not a single young American contracted HIV. Not one would if God’s kingdom came on earth as it is in heaven.

God’s kingdom is not made up of slaves. It is made up of followers. By choosing to be a follower I side with God in loving sinners and hating sin. If, in your eyes, praying to God, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven” makes me a hatemonger, then I confess, I am one.

Time for Healthcare Reform

There was never any doubt that it was time for healthcare reform. Healthcare basically had to become affordable. This means that health insurance had to become affordable for the masses. And the healthcare needs of the masses are as varied and unique as the people who require healthcare. “One-size fits all” may be true for the latex gloves worn by the doctors who treat us, but it’s far from true for our individual needs.

Why should young, healthy individuals be required to pay for health insurance which covers the ailments typically attributed to the older generations? They may wish to have coverage for catastrophic circumstances and injuries such as those which occur in car accidents or riding their skateboards off of hand rails in an ungraceful manner, but in most cases they will not require care for high blood pressure or alzheimer’s disease.

Obamacare strips us of the coverage we have, forces us into coverage we don’t need and requires us to pay far more than we did before. How does that address the needs of America?

What happened to the idea of encouraging competition among health insurance providers, especially when such services were provided across state lines? What happened to the idea of competition in general? Competition is a proven concept which makes everything better. Monopolies have never made anything better. In fact, monopolies, time after time, lead only to corruption and high costs.

Here we are facing a mega-monopoly known as Obamacare. The last few weeks are a testament to its failures…and it hasn’t even really begun. This is just the beginning of a nightmare which everyone is aware of and which everyone will be forced to endure by the dictators in our government known as the democratic party, led by Barry Obama himself.

How many times do we have to tell America to wake up?! It’s time to repeal, it’s time for REAL change, because HOPE is just for suckers!

He that lives upon hope will die fasting.
- Benjamin Franklin

It’s time for healthcare reform that really means something! Please leave your thoughts below.

We are very sorry, Mr. president!

Mr. president, we, the American people, wish to say we are very sorry from the bottom of our hearts. In fact, the world community extends to you it’s sincerest, heartfelt apologies. How could we possibly have known that the challenges and rigors of community organizing would not provide the kind of experience required to become the leader of the free world? Perhaps we expected too much from you. Maybe the guy slinging hash next door at the soup kitchen would have been a better choice…

We are very sorry that we gave you the kinds of responsibilities you simply were not prepared for. It’s not your fault, it’s OUR fault. How could we have known that you would make such self-serving, empty promises, abuse our trust and treat the White House as your frat house and the Treasury as your personal vacation fund? How were we to know that you loathed this country so much you would be willing to destroy it and it’s economy with your socialistic healthcare scheme, while exempting yourself and your buddies?

We really should have seen this coming…it’s our fault and we are very, very sorry! In the “real” world, without all of your smoke and mirrors, without the complicit media, without your race-baiting and class-warfare, you could not have been elected as member of a city council. We will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again…we promise! We are very sorry, Mr. president, that we elected a compulsive liar!